Hello… It’s Me!

Hello everyone! Long, long time no talk. After coming back home from my trip and getting settled in I just had no motivation to write! I should’ve just forced myself to write and I probably would have come back sooner but, now I’m refreshed and ready to write! How are you all? I’ve missed connecting with you guys! 😦 My posts are going to be back to my regular schedule starting today (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and I’m so excited!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are excited for the new year! This year will be really exciting for me I think, I turn 18 and graduate high school! Which is insane. High school really did fly by. Other fun stuff will be happening I believe so I’m ready!

Friday I’ll be posting about my trip to visit Sam… finally! I have a bunch of pictures and I can tell you guys all about it! ❤

Happy Wednesday everyone, have a great day! So excited to be back! ❤

On the Road! 

Long time, no talk! I’m sorry I didn’t post last week everyone! I’ve been busy prepping for my trip that I am currently on; I was so focused on school and planning I didn’t make my blog a priority! But that’ll change right when I get back! 
Yesterday we finished up our drive to South Dakota! I’m beyond excited, I can’t even put it into words. The drive was absolutely gorgeous! A majority of the mountains are covered in snow and it makes the drive stunning! I got a few pictures of some beautiful mountains while we were in Nevada!  

 Our adventure driving:

Day one we drove through California, Nevada, Utah and a little chunk of Wyoming!

 Day two we completed Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, then up into South Dakota! Pretty amazing for a girl who’s never left California fully! (Unless you count stepping your feet into Nevada while in Lake Tahoe real quick! Lol) 

 I’ve realized it’s super cold in these states which I am not used to! Where I live in California as well as the Bay where I grew up, we rarely see the temperature drop below zero! It was down at 12 degrees in Wyoming… Talk about cold. Although, the sunrise was super beautiful! 

  I’m so excited for this week and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures for you guys! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving full of family and food! ❤ 

Fridiary – My Sick Week!

If you watch Grace Helbig on Youtube you’ve probably seen her Fridiary videos. These videos consist of random vlog clips of her week, they are so fun! I wanted to make my own rendition of Fridiary in blog form where I just recap my week and talk about it a bit!

This week has been a whirlwind! I got hit with the worst cold I’ve had in a while. I got sick from the perfect storm; I started at a new school which has a lot more germs, it got extremely cold, extremely fast and to top it all off I’ve only been getting about 5 hours of sleep each night. So, this week has consisted of lots of sleep!

Monday I started off my week at school, this was the first day of my cold! I got a bunch of work done in the morning but by mid-day I was already checked out. That night a new video game, Fallout 4, I’ve been super excited about for months was released as well which was so exciting! (It did make the day a lot better) I watched Sam play a bit, he streamed it on Twitch for me!



Tuesday I stayed home from school and slept for the most part, then I went shopping with my mom at Target for a bit! I got the cutest sweater that I am already obsessed with. (I’m wearing it in the picture below!) Then, at night I went over to Kaitlyn’s house! We had the best night, and she made me the best Ramen with an egg! So simple, and so stinkin’ good! I also added a few dots of Siracha, soooo yummy. We watched Nick, my sisters boyfriend, play Fallout 4 most of the night as well.


Wednesday was Veterans Day, so we had no school which was good for me! I slept sooo much this day, then at night wrote a creative essay for one of my classes! Thursday I stayed home again, exciting I know, but Kaitlyn came over to the house and spent the night with us! We had dinner, discussed our blogs and had the best night! Oh, and I totally shattered my iPad, EVEN MORE THAN IT ALREADY IS. Not as fun. lol


Friday, as you’re reading this I am in school, probably sad. Boo. But sometimes you just gotta get shit done! Even though I would rather be in the warmth of my bed drinking hot chocolate, I have the weekend for that!

I hope you all had a really good week, and I hope the weekend is even better! What are you all up to this weekend? I’m going to my sisters house to watch the MMA fight which should be fun! Happy Friday!!! 🙂

How to Become The Best Gift Giver!

Giving gifts to friends and family is something that happens year round. Wether you’re giving someone a gift on their birthday, Christmas or any occasion it can be kind of stressful! In the last few years I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at giving gifts so I wanted to share a few thoughts on the topic!

Etsy will be your new best friend. Anything and everything imaginable is on Etsy, you’ll fall in love and be amazed with just how much variety Etsy has. The site has a majority of homemade items, so a lot of the items are customizable! All you have to do is write the shop owner a quick message and tell them whatever you’d like done! I think personalized gifts make them that much more special and appreciated.

Planning! You don’t only have to buy things the month you need it! Plan ahead! Instead of stressing when the date gets close, whenever I find an item and I think someone would like, I buy it! You can always store the item until the time comes, and then later down the road if you go out to buy it and can’t find it anymore you’ll thank yourself!

Don’t forget about the wrappings! I’m totally the type to decorate a gift even though it does end up getting thrown away. I love the way it looks and just the little extra love you put into the packaging can make all the difference! The person receiving the gift will see you put love into it and it will make the gift even that much more special!


Just last Sunday my boyfriend Sam turned 19! I sent him a package to his school that arrived last Friday, but he had gone home for his birthday so when he got back to school on Sunday he was able to open it! Watching someone open a present you got them is probably one of the best feelings ever! I was so happy he liked what I got him, and I took a screenshot of our FaceTime session as he was trying on one of the shirts I got him! He’s so cute!

Do you have any tips for gift giving? I’d love to hear! Have a great day everyone! 🙂 

Music Monday #2!

Music is one of my favorite things in the world. I listen to music everyday for probably a big majority of the day too. Finding new music is the best, so I thought Music Monday’s would be a great way to share my favorite music with you guys! Plus, some new music to make Monday a bit better is always nice. You can follow me on spotify by searching krystenfos-us! I make a new playlist each month. Click the ♫ to listen to the song! So far this month I’ve really been loving my spotify! Some months I can’t find a lot of good, new music but this month I found a bunch! You can read my first Music Monday here!


Tripping Down the Freeway – Weezer – ♫ 

Adventure Of A Lifetime – Coldplay –  

End of the World – Skeeter Davis –

Spirit Cold – Tall Heights –

Always Be – Holley Maher –

She Way Out – The 1975 –

Temporary View – SBTRKT –

Mess Around – Cage The Elephant –

I love each of these songs so much. If you know of any, or check any of them out, let me know! Have an awesome Monday everyone! ❤

3 Day Quote Challenge Day 3! – Grey’s Anatomy

It’s the last day of the three day quote challenge! My sister Kaitlyn tagged me for the challenge and you should go check out her quotes! If you haven’t looked at her blog yet, you need to! You will love it, I promise. Now onto day three!

The rules for the challenge are:

-Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.

-Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.

-Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge

There is no obligation to participate of course! You can go here to read Day 1 of the challenge and to see the nominees! ❤

This quote is my favorite quote from all of Grey’s Anatomy. I remember watching this episode on the porch of my old apartment in the Bay Area and instantly loving it! **SPOILER ALERT IF YOU ARENT PAST SEASON FIVE** This is from the scene when Izzie and George are dying, and Meredith is saying this quote as the doctors are trying to save them. It’s probably my favorite scene from the show as well.


I really like the meaning of it, how you should be grateful for everything you have and tell people how you feel! It really speaks for itself and this is one of my favorite quote ever!

I loved this three day quote challenge, thanks again for tagging me Kaitlyn! Have a great weekend everybody!!! ❤

Dupe Do’s and Dupe Don’ts – The Beauty Blender

I’m all about saving money, especially when it comes to makeup! Drugstore dupes for high end makeup products are amazing! I love finding good quality dupes and saving money – who wouldn’t?! Although, sometimes when I try to find a dupe for a high end product I love, I realize sometimes you’re paying for quality and I know I should just stick to the high end products because sometimes there are dupe-don’ts!

Dupe DONT!  I have been using a Beauty Blender for almost two years now and I love them. I get the Beauty Blender brand Beauty Blender, but they’re a bit pricey. They run at $25! So, I wanted to try a cheaper brand beauty sponge; I went to Target and found the Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge and I did not like it.


When the Beauty Blender is damp, it puffs up twice its size and is super soft, when you blend your makeup it looks airbrushed and perfect! The Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge on the other hand stays the same size even with water and it felt like I was punching my face! Sounds dramatic I know lol, but when I used it, it did not feel nice. I usually love blending my makeup with the beauty blender because it feels like a facial! But this beauty sponge didn’t spread the foundation well at all and it was more of a pain then anything else.

I’ll be trying more beauty sponges like the one Real Techniques made because I heard they’re amazing! My first pick was just a fail. If you use a blending sponge I’d love to hear which one and why you love it! ❤

3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2 – Happiness

It’s day two of the three day quote challenge! My sister Kaitlyn tagged me for the challenge and you should go check out her quotes! If you haven’t looked at her blog yet, you need to! You will love it, I promise. Now onto day two!

The rules for the challenge are:

-Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.

-Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.

-Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge

There is no obligation to participate of course! You can go here to read Day 1 of the challenge and to see the nominees! ❤


I think this quote is so true! I feel like i can feel my face look mad and scrunched up when I’m not in the best mood or just not really thinking. I also feel like if I look like this I’ll look mean to others hahaha, and I’m totally not! So, most of the time I like to walk around singing a song in my head or thinking of something that makes me really happy. I’ve noticed people are so much more friendly when you just simply look happy. It seems so simple, but I think I totally have resting bitch face, BUT if I’m always thinking about happiness and good things I don’t! Plus, who wouldn’t want just happy vibes, and positive thoughts. It’s the best! I people watch as well if I’m bored its really interesting to me and happy, smiling, laughing people always look more lovely! Who would wanna just look at a grumpy cat…


Not that cat… an actually person, making that face! Lol.

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

3 Day Quote Challenge! – Motivation

I was so excited to be tagged for this challenge by my sister Kaitlyn! If you haven’t looked at her blog yet, you need to! You will love it, I promise. This challenge is something I totally love, because I love quotes. I think quotes can have a story behind them and be really deep, they can have a specific meaning intended by whoever said or wrote it, but you can also hear or see a quote without any context. Finding your own meaning for it, I personally like that better! Especially in songs and such, taking lines and giving them meaning that connects to me makes me feel more attached to it & I definitely get attached to quotes!

The rules for the challenge are:

-Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.

-Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.

-Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge

There is no obligation to participate!

My nominees are:

How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Pastel Carousel


My first quote of the challenge is one that really relates to me right now. I moved to a new town over a year and a half ago. I had previously lived in the same town my whole life! So, when I moved, in the beginning I was really excited but then when I realized I missed my old town it was really hard to be happy and move on.


I’ve learned recently that I really can’t be happy unless I leave the past in the past and stop wishing my life was how it used to be! Life doesn’t stop for anyone and this is where I am now, I just need to make the best of it! I would spend so many nights and days just thinking about what the Bay had that isn’t here, how I miss my friends and the memories I have with them in that town. Now, I need to start making new memories and start writing a new chapter! It took a while to get to this point because change is hard but in the end its all for a reason!

See you all tomorrow with a double post! Thanks again Kaitlyn!!! ❤

Falling Into Autumn!

Yay! This is my first tag and its all about what I’m loving so much right now, fall! My sister Kaitlyn nominated me to complete this tag and it’s so cute! My sisters blog is so cute and I love every single one of her posts, you have to go check her out if you haven’t already!

  • Include the blog links of the tag creators (Lilian and Denise).
  • Thank the last person who tagged you and link their blogs in your post.
  • Be thoughtful and creative when you answer these questions.
  • After answering the questions, pass the tag onto at least five more bloggers to spread the autumn joy!

The questions:

1. What is your go-to fall color?

Maroon is my all-time favorite! I’ve also been loving navy blue and hunter green! ❤ These are some of my favorite colors to wear year round!


2. When you think of fall, what song comes to mind?

Retrograde” by James Blake! This time two years ago I was taking a night class at a community college; I wore my fall attire, listened to this song and ran to class in the rain!

3. During the fall, which trend to do you lean towards more, smoky eye or dark lip?

The dark lip! I deepen my eyeshadow year-round, I usually always have a bit of black in the outer-v! So, in the fall I love to whip out dark maroon lip colors!


4. Do you change up your skincare routine when fall comes in?

I don’t really even have a face routine! Sounds weird, I know, but its what my skin likes! I take of my makeup and rinse my face but thats it. I rarely break out, and I feel like if I change anything that I do to my skin it’ll just get mad and break out!

5. What’s your favourite thing about fall?

I love the rain and wind! That’s my favorite type of weather, being cold and cuddled up in a blanket! I also love the hot coco and movie nights!

6. Would you rather go out for a walk or stay inside the house during fall?

Honestly 50/50 just like my sister said! I love being outside even when its raining and jumping around in the wind! Yet, I also love being inside snuggled in a blanket on my laptop blogging. I just love fall!

And the nominees are…


Fashionably Meek

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The Hayley Diaries

Happy Wednesday!! 🙂