Music Monday #2!

Music is one of my favorite things in the world. I listen to music everyday for probably a big majority of the day too. Finding new music is the best, so I thought Music Monday’s would be a great way to share my favorite music with you guys! Plus, some new music to make Monday a bit better is always nice. You can follow me on spotify by searching krystenfos-us! I make a new playlist each month. Click the ♫ to listen to the song! So far this month I’ve really been loving my spotify! Some months I can’t find a lot of good, new music but this month I found a bunch! You can read my first Music Monday here!


Tripping Down the Freeway – Weezer – ♫ 

Adventure Of A Lifetime – Coldplay –  

End of the World – Skeeter Davis –

Spirit Cold – Tall Heights –

Always Be – Holley Maher –

She Way Out – The 1975 –

Temporary View – SBTRKT –

Mess Around – Cage The Elephant –

I love each of these songs so much. If you know of any, or check any of them out, let me know! Have an awesome Monday everyone! ❤


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