Dupe Do’s and Dupe Don’ts – The Beauty Blender

I’m all about saving money, especially when it comes to makeup! Drugstore dupes for high end makeup products are amazing! I love finding good quality dupes and saving money – who wouldn’t?! Although, sometimes when I try to find a dupe for a high end product I love, I realize sometimes you’re paying for quality and I know I should just stick to the high end products because sometimes there are dupe-don’ts!

Dupe DONT!  I have been using a Beauty Blender for almost two years now and I love them. I get the Beauty Blender brand Beauty Blender, but they’re a bit pricey. They run at $25! So, I wanted to try a cheaper brand beauty sponge; I went to Target and found the Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge and I did not like it.


When the Beauty Blender is damp, it puffs up twice its size and is super soft, when you blend your makeup it looks airbrushed and perfect! The Sonia Kashuk beauty sponge on the other hand stays the same size even with water and it felt like I was punching my face! Sounds dramatic I know lol, but when I used it, it did not feel nice. I usually love blending my makeup with the beauty blender because it feels like a facial! But this beauty sponge didn’t spread the foundation well at all and it was more of a pain then anything else.

I’ll be trying more beauty sponges like the one Real Techniques made because I heard they’re amazing! My first pick was just a fail. If you use a blending sponge I’d love to hear which one and why you love it! ❤


17 thoughts on “Dupe Do’s and Dupe Don’ts – The Beauty Blender

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this! Totally had the same experience with that dupe! It is not soft and seemed to just soak up all my foundation and wasting it! Love this post and can’t wait to read more about more dupe’s! Also, Maggie is adorable!!

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  2. itsjordanleigh says:

    I have used the Real Techniques dupe and I love it! Very comparable…and the flat side is the best- wish the real beauty blender had that! So I stick with Real Techniques!

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