How to Become The Best Gift Giver!

Giving gifts to friends and family is something that happens year round. Wether you’re giving someone a gift on their birthday, Christmas or any occasion it can be kind of stressful! In the last few years I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at giving gifts so I wanted to share a few thoughts on the topic!

Etsy will be your new best friend. Anything and everything imaginable is on Etsy, you’ll fall in love and be amazed with just how much variety Etsy has. The site has a majority of homemade items, so a lot of the items are customizable! All you have to do is write the shop owner a quick message and tell them whatever you’d like done! I think personalized gifts make them that much more special and appreciated.

Planning! You don’t only have to buy things the month you need it! Plan ahead! Instead of stressing when the date gets close, whenever I find an item and I think someone would like, I buy it! You can always store the item until the time comes, and then later down the road if you go out to buy it and can’t find it anymore you’ll thank yourself!

Don’t forget about the wrappings! I’m totally the type to decorate a gift even though it does end up getting thrown away. I love the way it looks and just the little extra love you put into the packaging can make all the difference! The person receiving the gift will see you put love into it and it will make the gift even that much more special!


Just last Sunday my boyfriend Sam turned 19! I sent him a package to his school that arrived last Friday, but he had gone home for his birthday so when he got back to school on Sunday he was able to open it! Watching someone open a present you got them is probably one of the best feelings ever! I was so happy he liked what I got him, and I took a screenshot of our FaceTime session as he was trying on one of the shirts I got him! He’s so cute!

Do you have any tips for gift giving? I’d love to hear! Have a great day everyone! 🙂 


5 thoughts on “How to Become The Best Gift Giver!

  1. jamiegrady27 says:

    Awesome tips- I also never wait until the date is close! Both to avoid the stress of finding a last minute gift, but also because I like to allow time put thought into it and be sure I’m getting something great. It also makes bigger occasions like Christmas so much more affordable if you start a few months early and cross one person off your list at a time! I recently have been obsessed with Etsy, I agree that personalized gifts are so special!

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    • krystenfos says:

      Thank you!! ❤ Yes!!! It's way more affordable around Christmas to buy early! I never even thought about that! Also, yeah it's great to have more time, makes it more fun and less stressful as well! 🙂


  2. LyfWithEm says:

    I’ve never used Etsy before, but I’ve heard a lot of complimentary feedback about it, so I might have a look. I find buying presents REALLY hard, and I stress myself out about it so much until I find the perfect gift. Loved the post though, thanks for the tips!

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