Falling Into Autumn!

Yay! This is my first tag and its all about what I’m loving so much right now, fall! My sister Kaitlyn nominated me to complete this tag and it’s so cute! My sisters blog is so cute and I love every single one of her posts, you have to go check her out if you haven’t already!

  • Include the blog links of the tag creators (Lilian and Denise).
  • Thank the last person who tagged you and link their blogs in your post.
  • Be thoughtful and creative when you answer these questions.
  • After answering the questions, pass the tag onto at least five more bloggers to spread the autumn joy!

The questions:

1. What is your go-to fall color?

Maroon is my all-time favorite! I’ve also been loving navy blue and hunter green! ❤ These are some of my favorite colors to wear year round!


2. When you think of fall, what song comes to mind?

Retrograde” by James Blake! This time two years ago I was taking a night class at a community college; I wore my fall attire, listened to this song and ran to class in the rain!

3. During the fall, which trend to do you lean towards more, smoky eye or dark lip?

The dark lip! I deepen my eyeshadow year-round, I usually always have a bit of black in the outer-v! So, in the fall I love to whip out dark maroon lip colors!


4. Do you change up your skincare routine when fall comes in?

I don’t really even have a face routine! Sounds weird, I know, but its what my skin likes! I take of my makeup and rinse my face but thats it. I rarely break out, and I feel like if I change anything that I do to my skin it’ll just get mad and break out!

5. What’s your favourite thing about fall?

I love the rain and wind! That’s my favorite type of weather, being cold and cuddled up in a blanket! I also love the hot coco and movie nights!

6. Would you rather go out for a walk or stay inside the house during fall?

Honestly 50/50 just like my sister said! I love being outside even when its raining and jumping around in the wind! Yet, I also love being inside snuggled in a blanket on my laptop blogging. I just love fall!

And the nominees are…


Fashionably Meek

The Grady Bunch

Simply Caitlyn

The Hayley Diaries

Happy Wednesday!! 🙂


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