On the Road! 

Long time, no talk! I’m sorry I didn’t post last week everyone! I’ve been busy prepping for my trip that I am currently on; I was so focused on school and planning I didn’t make my blog a priority! But that’ll change right when I get back! 
Yesterday we finished up our drive to South Dakota! I’m beyond excited, I can’t even put it into words. The drive was absolutely gorgeous! A majority of the mountains are covered in snow and it makes the drive stunning! I got a few pictures of some beautiful mountains while we were in Nevada!  

 Our adventure driving:

Day one we drove through California, Nevada, Utah and a little chunk of Wyoming!

 Day two we completed Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, then up into South Dakota! Pretty amazing for a girl who’s never left California fully! (Unless you count stepping your feet into Nevada while in Lake Tahoe real quick! Lol) 

 I’ve realized it’s super cold in these states which I am not used to! Where I live in California as well as the Bay where I grew up, we rarely see the temperature drop below zero! It was down at 12 degrees in Wyoming… Talk about cold. Although, the sunrise was super beautiful! 

  I’m so excited for this week and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures for you guys! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving full of family and food! ❤ 


13 thoughts on “On the Road! 

  1. Jamie Grady says:

    What beautiful pictures! Even though its super cold, the views of the snow are stunning! Crazy how states that aren’t popular vacation spots are some of the most gorgeous! have a blast, can’t wait to hear/see more!


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