Fall Fashion & My Favorite Spots To Shop!

I love the cold weather! I totally do better in the cold, and I love all the cute clothes that come with it! Recently I bought some new clothes for my trip to South Dakota in November, and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces as well as my favorite places to shop!

Target! Target has such a wide variety for all styles, and the prices are amazing! You really can’t beat target. The only problem I find is that everything is gone so fast! Target also has the Cartwheel app where you can take a picture of the bar code and see if there are any coupons, gotta love saving money! Last week I got two pairs of boots and a few tops! The green booties I got were on sale for $11! They were the last pair too so I really lucked out. Always check the clearance!

I *tried* to take some outfit pictures but I’ve never been good at it. I’m too tall for my mirror so those were all a fail and the lighting was a problem as well so please excuse them not being the most amazing! When my sister gets back from NY we are totally gonna up the outfit pictures game together and she can take the pictures of me!


H&M. They have so much cute stuff year round and the clothes are great quality! The H&M I used to shop at in the Bay Area has two stories, it’s heaven.

Tjmaxx and Marshals! These places are awesome, I kind of have to search for pieces that fit my style but the pieces I do find are always amazing! Always so fun to look in these stores.

Where do you love to shop for your fall wardrobe? I’d love to hear suggestions! Have an amazing day everybody!


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