Fall In Love With Your Life

Have you ever had that feeling where you never want a moment to end? A moment where you’re too happy for words and you can physically feel yourself filling with happiness? I am in love with that feeling! Every time I feel that way I fall more in love with life. I feel this way a lot around the people I love the most in my life!

 IMG_4860 IMG_0205 IMG_0156

This feeling can be brought on by the smell of a dewy morning, or a song coming on at the perfect time. I want my life to be full of these moments! I’m definitely the type to overthink, or always be thinking of whats going to happen next. I need to be more in the moment, thats when life is most amazing! Lately, I’ve been making an effort to not worry and just love what’s happening now. It’s helped me tremendously!

For real guys… yolo lol. You really do only live once, and I want to remember the moments where I only felt happiness. No worries, no sadness, just bliss!

IMG_0375 IMG_0743 IMG_1786

This weekend try to live more in the moment and find the little things that will make your day, and life, even more enjoyable! Happy Friday!


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