Tips For Organizing Your Week! 

So I recently found the world of Erin Condren planners and the sticker family that follows on Etsy; I totally fell in love. I’m probably the only seventeen year old girl to fall in love with such a thing… But that’s ok lol. Although I’m not overly busy most weeks and I don’t have a whole family to look after, having my week organized keeps me relaxed about my life! I hate being stressed and this planner has made my life so much easier.

Being in Independent Study, its crucial that I keep organized and on top of my schedule! Each day I write down which assignments I need to complete to stay on track. I’m known for procrastinating like no other. DO NOT BE THIS PERSON. Procrastination leads to all bad things. I know that tv show on right now is really relaxing but finishing your work and watching it later will be even more relaxing.

Write down each thing you want to accomplish that you know is realistic. I have a full weeks worth of homework every week, of course it would be a dream to get it all done in one day but thats totally unrealistic. Just break up big tasks over a few days! Even writing the smallest things like to eat a healthy lunch, or paint your nails helps because when you check it off your list you’ll feel so productive.

I bought a few stickers from an Etsy store call PopFizzPaper. Such a cute store! I especially love the WordPress stickers I bought for my blogging days! ❤ Using stickers in a planner makes it cute and easier to actually want to plan out the week! These stickers are super functional for me and most Etsy stores have customizable stickers to make your life easier!

Keeping your space clean! Being organized has a lot to do with the physical organization in your life too, not just metal! If everything is clean, keep it that way! If not, write down what you wanna clean and you’ll feel more motivated to do it instead of keeping it all in your head!

Lastly, my teacher told me this once and its really worked for me; don’t let yourself go to sleep until everything on your to do list is crossed off! Of course, if its 2am and theres a few things left, you need sleep lol! Although, if you just keep this in your mind, you’ll feel more motivated and in the end… organized!

Happy Wednesday! I hope some of these tips helped, if you have any tips to stay organized I’d love to hear!


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