My First Blog Post! + Blogs to Check Out

Hello everybody!

I’m so excited to start blogging! On this blog I’ll be talking about stuff I’ve learned, fun things I’ve been doing lately like concerts and travels, as well as my latest obsessions! I also love all things creative and artsy, so from time to time I’ll make a post about my latest painting or project! I’ve always loved reading blogs, almost as much as I love to write. Helping my sister with her blog is what inspired me to start a blog of my own! Her blog is Me, Myself and Everything Else, it’s too cute. She started her blog a little over a year ago and has just recently revamped it! She has a lifestyle blog full of adventures, fitness and fun! Also, one of my best friends Allison has a blog! She just started it this summer and she has the most amazing posts! Her blog is How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways… how stinkin’ cute is that?! If you need tips and tricks, she’s your girl!


This is one of my favorite pictures lol. Allison, Kaitlyn and I!

Another blog I love to read is a youtuber I’ve watched for years, Aspyn Ovard; her blog is just so pretty to look at! The pictures are amazing quality and she’s always posting about her travels which are so fun to read about!

I’m so excited to start this blogging journey, I hope you enjoy as well!



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